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Cosiness is simple.
" We create the textile decor, which first of all reflects the desires of our customers. Taking into account both the interior design style and the client needs, we conceive the textile decor where all the details are considered."

Elena Artemova, the designer of studio Artes Decor
Pictures from our latest projects
Our services
We create the textile decor for private interiors different scale and style
Designer visit
We provide designer visit with the measurements and the possibility to try the textile samples on site.
Design project
Мы создаем текстильный дизайн проект для частных квартир и домов: составляем сметы, делаем подбор тканей и наброски готовых решений по декору.
Custom tailoring
We make a custom tailored textile decor. Our job is to guarantee the good quality, therefore we pay much attention to the sewing processes.
Installation and hanging
We do care the each stage of production of our work, hence our professional services for installation of rods and hanging curtains are the guarantee of the quality from the beginning to the end of the job.
About the studio
Artes Decor is the successful company with high professionals working since 2003. We are knowledgable about the details of textile decoration, therefore we design the modern and functional textile decor for our clients.
Sketch and design project estimate
Design project is the consequence of work both a textile decorator and a client. Design project includes some stages, as a selection of textile, rods and other accessories if needed; sketches of the proposed textile design; an estimate, negotiation and an approval of a project.

The first meeting can be hold both on the client's site or in our showroom. We observe a site and make all the measurements. If we have already made a textile selection before meeting we try it on site, if not our designer suggests after.
Meeting or designer visit
At the disposal of our studio is own production office for custom tailoring of the fabric, what allows us to control the processes of quality and timing.
Custom tailoring
How we work
As an additional service we offer a professional installation of all kinds of rods or shades and also the hanging of the curtains.
Installation and hanging
Contact us
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Kantemirovskaya st. 37,
Furniture Center "Mebel City 2", 1 floor, section 2.58
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